Sunline Siglon F Fluorescent Monofilament Line

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Sunline Siglon F Fluorescent Monofilament Line provides optimum performance due to a unique process that fills the spaces between the nylon molecules with resin. As a result, Siglon F is moisture-proof, curl free, durable, and shock-resistant, making it the ideal fishing line. A special technique also prevents the fluorescent color of the line from fading, and also allows it to be unaffected by ultraviolet rays. As a result, Sunline Siglon F Fluorescent Monofilament Line remains strong and flexible no mater how long or how often it is used.

  • Line is unaffected by ultraviolet rays
  • Popular for center-pin and drift fishing techniques
  • Less than 3 inches across so spool can fit in a pocket
  • Remains strong and flexible after extended use
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