Fishing Tournaments

Oswego River Salmon Fishing Tournament (October 13, 2018)

Tourney Recap

In tandem with Oz Angling's grand opening of 'The Oz' (Bait & Tackle), we hosted our first salmon fishing tournament off the high and low walls on the Oswego River. The combined total weight of angler's three biggest salmon would determine their place. Conditions were not ideal with the river flowing at 9,000 CFS and heavy rain in the morning, yet 23 anglers participated.

The tournament started off with some hot action as the field of anglers landed a total of 15 kings in the first hour of fishing. Most anglers were catching fish with skein under a slip float, a few others were using Deep Diving Thundersticks to get the job done. Over 50 kings were landed throughout the duration of the tournament with 5 trout in the mix as well. Hunter Lawton had the lead for a majority of the tournament, but George Schroeder was persistent enough to land a 19 pound king during the afternoon that secured the win. 

Shout out to Christian Farr and Rachel Childers for netting fish and keeping score, your help was much appreciated! A big thank you to Austin DeMott for producing such an awesome tournament video, very well done my friend!

Final Leaderboard

1st - George Schroder (52.15 lbs) ($276 Prize)

2nd - Hunter Lawton (50.6 lbs) ($138 Prize)

3rd - Mike Maclean (48.9 lbs) ($46 Prize)


Lunker Salmon - Hunter Lawton (20.1 lbs) ($85 Prize)

Lunker Trout - Fran Hoefer (8.12 lbs) ($25 Prize)

Oswego River Salmon Fishing Tournament (October 20, 2018)

Tourney Recap

Back by popular demand, we decided to host another salmon fishing tournament on the high and low walls of the Oswego River. This time around was a team tournament. Each team consisted of two people and the combined total weight of your team's three biggest salmon determined your place. Conditions were great in regards to the river flow at 2,500 CFS and the weather was manageable with light rain and clouds. 

The morning bite was hot for salmon and trout. Anglers who were float fishing skein and throwing plugs were getting kings, while anglers float fishing beads and egg sacs were getting rainbows, steelhead, lakers, and browns. The leaderboard was changing a lot throughout the day because there were so many fish being caught. There were over 100 salmon and trout landed by the end of the tournament. Bobber Down had first place in their hands for a majority of the day, although a few other teams were within striking distance. With less than an hour to go, Mother Pluggers came down the wall with a 19 pound king that would prove to be the winning fish. 

A special thank you to Christian Farr and Rachel Childers again for netting fish and keeping score, you two were a great help, yet again! Shout out to Tom Allen for donating a $100 cash prize that was randomly given away to one of our participants. 





Final Leaderboard

1st - Mother Pluggers (59.8 lbs) ($456 Prize)

2nd - Bobber Down (57.1 lbs) ($288 Prize)

3rd - G-Unit (55.1 lbs) ($76 Prize)


Lunker Salmon - Bobber Down (22 lbs) ($150 Prize)

Lunker Trout - Hookers (8.14 lbs) ($140 Prize)

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