Oz Angling

Oz Angling

Oz Angling was established on September 1st of 2018 when Jake Metcalf, Karen Metcalf, and Kevin Spillett actualized their vision of opening a bait and tackle shop in Oswego, NY.

We decided to name our business Oz Angling because we are repping our home waters in the form of Oz, which is a slang term used by locals, referring to Oswego or the Oswego River. Angling is defined as the action or sport of fishing with hook and line. Thus, Oz Angling is fitting because we are #AnglersOfOz who have the experience and expertise to "hook" our customers up with the right gear to catch fish in Oswego. 

"The Oz" (Bait & Tackle) 

Our bait and tackle shop is located in close proximity to the Varick Dam and High Wall on the Oswego River. "The Oz" is right across the street from the fisherman's parking lot at 388 West 1st Street, Oswego, NY. We sell an essential collection of bait and tackle for targeting salmon, trout, walleye, bass, pike, catfish and panfish."The Oz" is open year round and we cater to the angler's needs according to the season.

Jake & Kevin

After meeting each other while fishing along the Oswego River in May of 2016, Jake and Kevin started fishing together quite frequently. A brief period of time passed before the two realized that they could combine their passion for fishing, knowledge of the Oswego River, and business experience to fulfill the need for a quality bait and tackle shop in Oswego. Jake and Kevin relate well to their customers because they've been immersed in the fishing community their whole lives. With a deep understanding for the fellow angler's desire to catch fish, Jake and Kevin are always willing to share information and set people up with the proper gear to be successful on the water. 


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