Oswego River Fishing Report (3/13/19)

Oswego River

Water Level: 8,600 CFS

USGS seems to be making adjustments to their gauges as the Oswego River (Lock 7) webpage is only showing the discharge and gage height right now. The water temp is likely around 34 degrees and the turbidity is likely around 6 FNU. 

The Oz dropped down to 4,000 CFS back on March 7th, after having been around 10,000 CFS for a long time. Significant water drops like this will typically result in some good fishing opportunities, this drop was no exception.

Anglers who waded in the upper river had some fantastic outings for Steelhead. Most of these anglers where well experienced trout fisherman who were primarily float fishing with egg sacs and Ozzy Jigs. A number of these anglers reported landing double digit Steelhead, most of which were of the darker variety. There were a few hold over Browns in the upper river and an Atlantic Salmon that was caught as well.

Wading near the Varick Dam can offer some world class fishing, however, one needs to use extreme caution when wading here this time of year. Swift current, slippery rocks, and deep runs can make this river very challenging to wade. Having waded all over this river for years, you must use the following three things; US Coast Guard approved PFD, wading staff, and wading cleats/studs. 

Anglers who've been fishing off the high wall and low wall recently have been struggling to get bites. It seems like most of the fish are either at the dam or in the lower river. The fish that are being caught in this stretch are fresh steelhead, making their way up river. 

The lower river has been fishing very well since the water drop, most anglers are catching browns and walleyes while jigging along the bottom or slip float fishing with Ozzy Jigs. The occasional fresh steelhead is being caught as well. With flows under 10,000 CFS, the lower west side of the river is fishing well, flows over 10,000 CFS and the lower east side is fishing well.

The next few days are going see highs in the 50's. Then the weekend is going to see highs in the 30's.

The featured image is a brown trout that I caught this week while slip float fishing a pink Ozzy jig between the 104 bridge and railroad bridge.

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