Oswego Fishing Report (2/15/19)

Oswego River

Water Level: 13,100 CFS

River Temp: 33.5 Degrees F

Turbidity: 5.3 FNU

With water temps at 32 degrees for most of January, the steelhead and brown trout bite was relatively slow. There were a handful of milder days that anglers took advantage of and were able to bring a few fish to hand, but if you didn't fish the Oswego River during the month of January then you didn't miss much. Shelf ice, snow, and bitter cold temperatures made it challenging to fish.

The Oswego River shot up to 16,000 CFS a week ago due to the last warm spell we had, with that came a rise is water temperature to 34 degrees. This event triggered a fresh run of chrome steelhead and also turned the brown trout and walleye bite on. Anglers using Ozzy Jigs, bucktail jigs, and soft plastic swimbaits have been producing walleye and brown trout in the lower river, while anglers using Ozzy Jigs, pink worms, wax worms and egg sacs have been catching steelhead throughout the entire river. 

If you're new to the Oswego River or unsure about where to fish based on the water level and other factors, stop by our shop and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction. 

Ice Fishing

More anglers have been turning their attention to the ice fishing scene over the past 6 weeks or so. Ice fisherman who've been stopping by The Oz (Bait & Tackle) to buy bait are saying that Sodus Bay has been the go-to place for perch this winter. Reports coming from Sandy Pond and Fair Haven Bay have been somewhat slow. Anglers fishing Oneida Lake for perch and walleye are sharing mixed reports, some are doing well, some can't seem to find a good hole.

NYS Winter Classic Fishing Tournament

Incase you weren't aware, The Oz (Bait & Tackle) is an official weigh in station for the "NYS Winter Classic Fishing Tournament" this year. We've had a few big fish weighed in at our shop this winter. Tom Allen with a perch weighing in at 2.11 pounds, Zach Eason with a walleye weighing in at 11.37 pounds, and Hunter Wojslaw with a bluegill weighing in at 0.70 of a pound. 

Here is a link to the Main Leader Board of that tournament for an idea of how big the fish being caught in New York State are this winter. 

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