Oswego River Fishing Report (12/13/18)

Water Level: 16,100 CFS

River Temp: 34.5 Degrees F

Turbidity: 5.4 FNU

The Oswego River has been slowly dropping over the past week, going from about 20,000 CFS to 16,000 CFS. In that same time, the river temp dropped by 2 degrees and the turbidity dropped from 12 FNU to 5 FNU. With milder temperatures coming over the next 4 days, more snow melt will happen, resulting in a continuation of higher than average water flows. 

Fish are being caught in the same high water spot lately. Lower east side behind the hotels is good for browns, rainbows, and walleyes. Anglers who are bottom bouncing egg sacs in this section are using 1/2 ounce of weight, or more. Anglers swimming jigs along the bottom are using 3/8 ounce to 1/2 ounce jig heads. White bucktail jigs, Gulp minnows on a jig head, and Keitech swimbaits on a jig head are all working right now. Timing is key in this section of river as I received multiple reports of guys doing well on trout yesterday, yet today, I received reports that the bite was slow down there this morning. Anglers can legally fish this section of river at night, browns and walleyes are commonly caught throughout the night here. 

Mid to upper west side is good for browns, rainbows, and steelhead. Anglers in this section are float fishing with marabou jigs, beads, and egg sacs. Some anglers are saying that its an egg bite right now while others are fixed on the marabou jigs. I have been doing well on the 1/32 ounce all pink marabou jig, under a float, over the past 24 hours in this area of the river. I've caught 3 colored up male browns and a colored up male rainbow. I think my timing has been a key factor in my success because all the fish I've caught have been within the first 10 minutes of being at a spot.

 Rainbow Trout Ozzy Jig

Brown Trout Ozzy Jig

Brown Trout Ozzy Jig

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (12/14 - 12/16) are going to be prime weather for fishing in Oswego. High's will be in the upper thirties to low forties and wind will be between 5 and 10 mph. The Oz (Bait & Tackle) is open from 6 am to 6 pm daily. We've got egg sacs and fathead minnows for bait right now. 

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