Oswego River Fishing Report (12/1/18)

Water Level: 18,500 CFS

River Temp: 36.5 Degrees F

Turbidity: 11.5 FNU

Despite the abnormally high and relatively dirty water conditions, anglers have been getting into a decent amount of fish on the Oz over the past 2 days. It seems like the turbidity had to get below 15 FNU before the trout started actively biting again. Most anglers have been using marabou jigs, beads, and egg sacs to produce trout. Plenty of browns are being caught lately, mostly in the slower moving water along the banks. Interesting to note, king salmon are still being caught on skein, egg sacs, and marabou jigs. 

One angler reported slip float fishing with skein this evening and catching two kings near the powerhouse. I fished for a couple hours this evening, float fishing with marabou jigs along the West side of the river, and caught a small brown and a female king. The king was still tight with eggs and it happened to be the latest I have ever landed a king in the fall. 

The water level is starting to decline and it could be at least another week or so before the level gets close to 10,000 CFS again. Time to start fishing the lower east side of the river, behind the hotels, browns should be starting to gather in decent numbers down there. 

Head over to our Instagram page (@oz_angling) and check out the giveaway contest we are announcing this evening. 

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