Oswego Fishing Report: Oswego River & Lake Ontario (6/17/19)

Oswego River

Water Level: 8,590 CFS

There is a wide range of species being caught in the Oswego River right now from the Varick Dam to the mouth of the river. Among the most common fish being caught are smallmouth bass, walleye, freshwater drum, rockbass, white perch, common carp, channel catfish and longnose gar. There is a chance of catching rainbow trout, atlantic salmon, and even sturgeon this time of year, but these are quite rare. Anglers fishing the lower half of the river have been producing mainly smallmouth bass and walleye. Anglers in the upper half of the river are catching a broader variety of fish. There seems to be a lot of baitfish in the river right now and its got a whole bunch of predator fish in feeding mode. If you're fishing with live bait right now then you should do well on a mixed bag of fish. Worms and minnows seem to catch just about everything, while bass and sheepshead seem to prefer crayfish. 

Oswego Harbor

Anglers fishing down by Breitbeck Park and the Yacht Club have been catching good number of smallmouth bass and rockbass this spring. Yellow perch, white perch, and bluegills can be caught in good numbers too if you can find a school of them. In addition, there are largemouth bass, northern pike, and even some tiger muskies being caught in the harbor.

Lake Ontario

Salmon fishing in Oswego, to the east and west, is awesome right now in 60 to 150 FOW. Fish are biting 50 to 180 feet. Spoons are still taking bites but the flies and meat rigs are taking over. Greens, whites, and glows are producing with overcast conditions. Chrome/chartreuse or mountain dews while its sunny. There are juvenile fish mixing in with the adults right now. Lakers and steelhead are being caught too but the brown trout fishing has been slow. 


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