Oswego Fishing Report and Fall Tournament Dates: Oswego River & Lake Ontario (9/1/19)

Oswego River

Water Level: 2,640 CFS

Labor Day weekend usually marks the unofficial beginning of the annual Salmon run on Lake Ontario tributaries. The Salmon River started seeing it's first notable amount of Salmon in mid August, and like clockwork, the Oswego River has begun seeing it's first push of Salmon roughly 2 weeks following. With most of the water flowing over the dam right now, any Kings in the river will likely be holding in the most oxygenated holes around the dam. Early morning and late evening are going to be your best odds of timing an early school of Salmon. Drifting an egg sac, skein, bead, or fly along the bottom is a common technique for anglers targeting early run Kings at the Varick Dam. The other common technique for targeting early run Kings is throwing deep diving lures off the wall like Storm Deep Thundersticks and Storm Hot N' Tots. From our experience, anglers who wade at the Varick Dam will usually be catching Salmon for a couple weeks before there is enough fish pushing through where anglers have a good shot of catching Salmon off the wall on a lure.   

River temperature is currently hovering around 72-74 degrees, and of course cooler in the early morning, which coincides with more productive Salmon activity. With that said, anglers are still targeting Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Rockbass, Sheepshead, Channel Cats, Carp, and Longnose Gar in the river. Bottom bouncing and slip float fishing with Gulp Minnows, Crayfish, and Night Crawlers has been effective for catching fish from shore over the past week or so. The Channel Cat bite is starting to pick up off the wall on skein, mostly little ones right now, but bigger ones will start showing up as the river cools down, same with the Walleyes.  

Lake Ontario

Salmon fishing on the lake has been on fire this summer. There is certainly no shortage of fish, and the average size fish is impressive this year. The top ten Kings weighed in for the "Fall LOC Derby" range between 29-33 lbs. thus far. Anglers are targeting Kings as shallow as 100 FOW and as deep as 600 FOW. Meat rigs and cut bait has been the hot item for kings this summer but flasher/flies, spoons, and j-plugs are taking fish right now as well. With so many kings in Lake Ontario right now, the lake fishing should remain great through the end of September. 

Oswego River Salmon & Trout Fishing Tournaments

After hosting a couple salmon tournaments off the wall last Fall, we've had a bunch of people asking us about tournaments on the Oswego River this season. So we've selected the following dates:

  • October 5th (Salmon Tourney)
  • October 19th (Salmon & Trout Tourney)
  • November 2nd (Trout Tourney). 

These will all be 2 person team tournaments, $50 entry fee per team. In last year's tournaments, we netted all the fish for participants, but this year, we are choosing to require your teammate to net your fish. This will prevent teams from locking down a spot all day long and will level the playing field. It will also bring the challenge of landing a fish into the team dynamic of these tournaments. We will be announcing full tournament details on our social channels soon, but those dates are set, so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

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