Oswego Fishing Report: Oswego River & Lake Ontario (7/4/19)

Oswego River

Water Level: 7,000 CFS

The river fishing conditions have improved since the water level dropped from 14,000 CFS a week ago. Some anglers have been able to wade at the Varick Dam and get into a mixed bag of fish, including; sheepshead, smallmouth bass, rockbass, longnose gar, carp, silver perch, bluegills, and channel cats. If you're interested in catching a bunch of sheepshead then using crayfish at the dam is the way to go! The same species are being caught down stream, except most of the walleyes seem to be hanging in the lower end of the river. Night crawlers on the bottom is the go-to method for targeting walleyes during the day. Casting big stickbaits from shore or trolling stickbaits from a boat is still effective at night. 

There is a public notice from Brookfield Renewable that they will be dropping the water level lower than normal on July 9 & 10 to perform maintenance work on the dam. This should provide a great opportunity for anglers to wade the upper section of the river.

Lake Ontario

Lake fishing reports have been improving over the past couple weeks. Most anglers are targeting king salmon in 100 - 300 FOW with a combination of meat rigs, flies, and spoons. Most anglers are switching over to meat rigs and flies for targeting kings, although spoons are still taking a few fish for those who are still using them in their spread. 2.1 - 2.5 mph is a common trolling speed range that I hear people reference lately. Although the king fishing is good in regards to the overall number of fish being caught out of Oswego, the size of the kings are not all that impressive this year compared to how big they can get in this lake. The biggest king on the Summer LOC Derby Leaderboard is 27.13 pounds right now and the top 20 kings range from 22 to 26 pounds. Brown trout fishing have been solid recently for those fishing in 70 to 100 FOW towards the bottom half of the water column with spoons. Lake trout seem to be plentiful as well when the kings aren't cooperating.

Wright's Landing Marina is still closed due to high water levels, although anglers are still launching boats, at their own risk, without a problem. There is also a public boat launch underneath the 104 Bridge on the east side of the river. Oz Angling has secured the right to perform fish cleaning services at the City owned fish cleaning stations in Oswego and we will have a fish cleaner available at Wright's Landing today through Sunday. 

The Oz Bait & Tackle

Oz Angling is having an Independence Day Sale on lake fishing gear from now through Sunday. (July 4th -7th) (Sale available in-store and online)

  • 15% Off A-TOM-MIK (Meat Rigs, Tournament Series Flies, Captain Packs, and Copper Wire) Code: ATOMMIK15
  • 20% Off Okuma (Blue Diamond Rods, GLT Rods, Cold Water Reels, and Magda Pro Reels) Code: OKUMA20
  • 10% Off Fish Hawk (Fish Hawk Probe X4 and Fish Hawk Probe X4D)      Code: FISHHAWK10
  • 25% Off Ranger (Tournament Series Flat Bottom Rubber Coated Nets)   Code: RANGER25

Featured in the cover photo of this post is Verome Burns aboard the Cannonball Runner with a 22.95 pound king that was weighed in at The Oz yesterday for the Tri-County Salmon Slam.

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