Oswego Fishing Report: Oswego River & Lake Ontario (6/2/19)

Oswego River

Current Water Level: 9,560 cfs

With water levels in the river finally beginning to drop over the past few days we are starting to receive better reports on walleye catches. It's clear that walleyes are particular about how much current they prefer in the river, and with such high flows over the last couple months, it should be of no surprise that they were difficult to come by in the month of May. Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Carp, and Freshwater Drum have provided many of us with some fun and entertainment though, as they are currently plentiful in the river and perhaps less picky than the coveted Walleye. At this same time last year, however, many anglers were enjoying a Walleye bite that was quite possibly the best the Oswego River has had in many years due to slightly slower flows than the historical average. Catching a limit of keeper walleyes per outing was very common among experienced anglers. This year, of course, has been a different story. With just about every river and stream in the county running high, it has delayed the post spawn feeding phase that we experienced last May and June.

Things do appear to be moving the right direction now however, as this June looks to be a dryer month and better numbers of Walleyes finally starting to show up. Ideal flows for Walleye fishing on the Oswego River are generally between 3,000-6,000 cfs. Bottom bouncing night crawlers, jigging bucktail jigs, and casting stick baits are the most effective techniques to capture these Walleyes. Many anglers are of the belief that these fish will only feed after dark, but such is not the case here on the Oswego River as some of the best feeding windows can occur early morning and mid-day on the river, as well as at night. If you're simply looking to have some fun and hook into some fish, you can catch good numbers of bass and other warm water species anywhere from the high and low walls on the upper west side, down to the lower river and into the harbor, using a plethora of different baits, from live bait (worms, minnows, crayfish) to soft plastics (tube jigs, Senkos, swim baits), to hard lures (crankbaits, stickbaits, spinners, spoons, sonars, bucktail jigs). 

Lake Ontario

The biggest news for the lake fishing out of Oswego is the temporary closing of Wright's Landing Marina due to flooding. Water levels on the lake have become dangerously high and the water in the marina has flooded into the parking lot, which the Mayor and city of Oswego has deemed unsafe. The marina will reopen to the public when it is considered safe again. 

Reports from the lake indicate the fishing has slowed down a bit from what was a fantastic April and May for those trolling for Brown Trout. Of course there are still those that are having excellent outings on any given day, the overall consensus is that the Brown Trout fishing has slowed down along the shoreline, likely because the fish are moving out deeper. Both the trout and salmon are keying in on the bait, and as huge schools of bait fish move out deeper, so do the predators that prey on them. The King (Chinook) Salmon are still being caught in good numbers between 55-130 feet of water, often suspending about 25-45 feet down. Michigan Stinger spoons and A-TOM-MIK flies have been the most productive baits on the lake thus far. 

The Oz Bait & Tackle

Our store is currently stocked with all the river fishing essentials from terminal tackle to lures and live bait (night crawlers, fathead minnows and crayfish). For lake trolling, we are carrying N&D Cut Bait, a large selection of A-TOM-MIK products (flies, meat rigs, copper wire) as well as Michigan Stinger spoons, Bayrat stickbaits and spoons, Smithwick, Rapala, Storm, and Challenger stickbaits. Stop into the shop for the latest intel on what's working the best. We are open weekdays 7am-6pm and weekends 6am-6pm.


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