Oswego Fishing Report: Oswego River & Lake Ontario (5/16/19)

Oswego River

Water level: 21,700

Despite the high and murky water conditions, the Oswego River started fishing well again yesterday. With the water changing from brown to green right now, fish are starting to feed more actively. I fished yesterday afternoon for a couple hours and landed 5 big smallies, 3 rockbass, and a sheepshead in the lower river. I heard reports of smaller walleyes being caught in the upper river and saw a good number of smallmouth bass landed in the lower river while I was there fishing. Anglers were catching bass using bucktail jigs, tube jigs, and night crawlers in the lower river yesterday. 

The walleye fishing reports have been relatively slow from the Oswego River since the season opened. It doesn't seem like the big push of walleyes have entered the river yet, although, it could be any day now where that bite turns on. For targeting walleye, I'd recommend bottom bouncing night crawlers or using a bucktail jig tipped with a night crawler during the day, and throwing hard lures at night. Think big, bright, and loud for your lure choice with the murky water we are experiencing. 

Smallmouth bass, rockbass, and sheepshead seem to be the most active biters in the river right now. It's possible to catch a wide variety of fresh water species on the Oz in May; smallmouth bass, walleye, rainbow trout, brown trout, rockbass, yellow perch, white perch, white bass, common carp, freshwater drum, longnose gar, and channel catfish are all commonly caught this time of year. Other fish species that are less commonly caught, but possible to catch this time of year are; sturgeon, atlantic salmon, king salmon, northern pike, tiger musky, and musky. The Oswego River, especially from the Varick Dam to the mouth, is one of the best places in the world to catch a mixed bag of freshwater species from the bank. 

Stop by The Oz Bait & Tackle this weekend if you are stumped on where to catch fish in the high water. There's only so many places that fish can comfortably hold in the high water, fish the slower moving current along the wall and the fish should be piled up there.

Lake Ontario

The salmon and trout fishing continues to be hot this spring. Most anglers coming off the lake have had nothing but good things to say about the quality of fishing. Those targeting brown trout are catching consistent limits using a variety of stickbaits and spoons in 5 to 30 FOW. Those fishing beyond 20 to 30 FOW are doing great on kings using stickbaits and spoons with leadcore and downriggers. The average size kings being caught are pretty big for this early in the spring, many fish are in the 17 - 20 pound range. For those not getting into kings or browns on a given day, lake trout can be targeted in deeper water. 

Spring LOC Derby 2019

The Spring LOC Derby is underway right now and goes until May 19th. The biggest fish across four categories are as follows:

$15,000 Grand Prize Salmon Leader - 25.14 lbs. Robert Mueller

Salmon Leader - 23.04 lbs. Rick Peaslee

Brown Trout Leader - 17.06 lbs. Charles Mazzola

Lake Trout Leader - 24.12 lbs. Gabe Graham

Walleye Leader - 10.06 lbs. Larry Dishaw Jr.

Oswego's Weekend Weather Forecast

The weather forecast looks great for fishing in Oswego this weekend. Saturday shows highs of 56, periods of sun and clouds, and winds at 6-9 mph out of the West. Sunday shows highs of 72, intervals of clouds and sun, and winds out of the NNW at 6-9 mph. 

The Oz Bait & Tackle

Our stock of trolling gear continues to grow as we gather input from the lake fishing community who fish out of Oswego. If you have not yet stopped by our shop then feel free to come in and share any recommendations you might have on specific products that you'd like to see us stock. You can also send us an email or message us through social media in order to make product recommendations. We understand that lake fisherman represent a large portion of the fishing crowd in Oswego. With that said, we intend to focus on feedback from this group to offer products they need, at a competitive price, in a convenient location. 

We are also interested in hearing inputs from the bass and walleye anglers in regards to what products they would like to see us stock. Yes, we already know you need crayfish. 

We have night crawlers, fathead minnows, and egg sacs for live bait right now. Crayfish will be in stock as soon as our suppliers have them available. 

We are offering a solid deal on bucktail jigs right now, 4 for $6, these jigs are going fast, stop by sooner than later to pick some up if you're interested.

The Oz will be open from 7 am to 6 pm today and tomorrow, and from 6 am to 6 pm this Saturday and Sunday.

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