Oswego Fishing Report: Oswego River & Lake Ontario (4/28/19)

Oswego River

Water level: 13,000 CFS

The Oz has been running high for the past week and with the rain we received over the past few days, we can expect the river to be running high for at least another week. This high water is surely keeping trout in the river. I've fished the Oswego River a couple times over the past three days and there are steelhead all over the upper half of the river still. They are mixed in with a healthy number of smallies as well. The upper section of river is limited in regards to fishing spots with high water flows, most anglers are congregating in the lower half of the river from the 104 bridge to the mouth of the river. The lower section is producing smallmouth bass, brown trout, a few rainbows, and even a handful of kings. 

I have been producing very consistent results lately while float fishing with pink Ozzy Jigs in the 1/16 and 1/32 ounce sizes. I'm primarily targeting steelhead with the pink jigs but I've also caught smallmouth and lake trout on them as well. 


Anglers in the lower river are fishing with all sort of offerings to catch fish. Casting spoons, jigging soft-plastic swimbaits, slip float fishing Ozzy Jigs, and bottom bouncing live bait have all been effective techniques for catching brown trout and smallmouth bass among other species of fish. 

It looks like the river will be running high for walleye season opener on May 4th, which means that anglers will have to focus on the lower section of the river to find fishable water. Let's hope we don't get too much more rain so we can see flows of 6,000 CFS or lower in the month of May. 

Lake Ontario

The early lake fishing season has been great so far with most anglers targeting brown trout near shore in 5 to 20 FOW. Spoons and stickbaits are the primary lures that anglers are using to fish for browns right now.

Here's a list of popular brown trout lures that we've been selling at The Oz lately;

Bayrat SP-2.5 Spoons (Cedar Point & Glow Green Frog), BayRat SS Stickbaits (Goby, My Secret, & Coho Crusher), STORM Jr. Thunderstick (Luminous Green), Smithwick Floating Rattlin' Rogue 4 1/2" (Chrome Black Back), and Michigan Stinger Spoons (Cannonball Runner, NBK, Glow Green Alewife, & Green Dolphin Yellow UV).

In addition to the brown trout, anglers have been running into Kings, Atlantics, and Lakers also. There seems to be enough Kings around Oswego right now where some anglers are targeting them already. Reports of 6 to 12 kings in an outing have been common for local fisherman who know how to fish for them. While anglers are catching kings by chance in 5 to 20 FOW, anglers who are going 30 to 80 FOW with leadcore and spoons are finding kings consistently. 

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