Oswego Fishing Report: Oswego River & Lake Ontario (8/1/19)

Oswego River



Water Level: 3,000cfs


River fishing has been steady and predictable over the last couple of weeks. Anglers are primarily using live bait such as crayfish, night crawlers, and shiners to catch a number of different fresh water species like Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Sheepshead, Bluegill, Walleye, Channel Catfish, Carp and Gar. Some artificial baits like Z Man Ned Rigs and Gary Yamamoto Senkos are also producing great results on Smallmouth. Another interesting opportunity that the Oswego River offers this time of year is fishing for Channel Catfish using skein (cured salmon eggs), cut bait, or live/dead shiners floated just off the bottom, or sitting on the bottom. The Oz Bait & Tackle Shop will have skein available for sale in a couple weeks as the salmon eggs begin to reach maturity.


Lake Ontario


The lake fishing has been nothing short of amazing this summer. Many boats are having success early and often, “boxing out” just a few hours into trolling. The Kings are biting veraciously on a number of different spoons, flies, meat rigs and flasher patterns. Moonshine “Green Jeans” and “Raspberry Carbon” spoons and the Michigan Stinger “UV Gator” and “UV Green Alewife” spoons have been super effective tools as of late. Use the UV patterns when the sun is bright, and implement the black, purple and darker patterns during low light conditions (early morning, evening, overcast skies). A-TOM-MIK flies and meat rigs have been consistently putting fish in the boat as they so often do. The “Hammer Fly” and “Green Hammer Glow” have been highly productive colors among serval others.  Pro-Troll 11” Flashers with E-Chip will be a vital component for lake trollers over the next 2 months.  A lot of fish are being caught out beyond 300 feet of water, often suspending around 90-100 feet down. And you can often expect them to be in a little shallower at sunrise and around sunset. The fleas out on the lake surface have been thick recently, so 40lb test is recommended in order to combat this annoyance. We fully expect the lake action to continue to be great over the next 6-8 weeks as these fish enter the “staging phase”, where they will slowly begin their ascension towards the tributaries.


The Oz Bait & Tackle


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