Oz Angling Trout & Salmon Tourney, Oswego River (November 2, 2019)

Oz Angling is hosting a trout and salmon fishing tournament on Saturday, November 2nd, along the wall on the Oswego River. 

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  • Meet up the morning of the tournament to review rules and answer question at 6:40 am, at the High Wall, behind Jocko's Diner. 
  • Tournament starts at legal fishing time: 7:12 am
  • Tournament ends at: 5 pm
  • Winners announced and prizes handed out at 5:15 pm at the High Wall.


  • Boundaries for the tournament are confined to the high wall and low wall behind The Oz Bait & Tackle. (From the corner by the powerhouse to the end of the low wall.)
  • Only anglers fishing off the wall, within the designated boundary, can participate. Fishing from a boat is not allowed.


  • Your partner must net your fish for you on the low wall. You may not land the fish by yourself and you may not let anyone else besides your partner land your fish. Once your partner nets the fish, you must bring your fish to the designated weigh station, which will be located half way down the low wall. Your partner can go back to fishing after netting your teams fish. 
  • All salmon and trout will be weighed at the designated weigh in station on the low wall right after they are landed. Participants have the option of keeping their fish or releasing it after they catch it. Participants can keep their legal limit of fish and also continue to weigh in fish to improve their rank, as long as those additional fish are released.
  • One community net will be provided for participants, but we recommend that you bring your own long handle net to land fish off the wall. Otherwise, you will have to ask someone else to borrow a net or wait your turn for the community net. 
  • If both team members hook fish at the same time then you can still attempt to land both fish, but you may not hand your rod off to anyone besides your partner in order to land the fish. 
  • Salmon and trout must be hooked in the mouth to count for the tournament. All foul hooked fish will not count and must be returned to the water immediately. Fish must be of legal keeper size to weigh it in for the tournament. 
  • All legal fishing tactics are allowed. Check the rules and regulations for the Oswego River to ensure that you are fishing legally. If fish are landed with illegal tactics then those fish will not count for the tournament.
  • Chinook/King Salmon, Coho Salmon, and Atlantic Salmon can be entered for the salmon category. (Must be 15" minimum length to qualify fish).
  • Brown trout and rainbow trout/steelhead can be entered for the trout category. (15" minimum length for brown trout and 21" minimum length for rainbow trout/steelhead to qualify fish)


  • The combined weight of your team's three biggest trout will determine your place for the trout category.
  • The team that weighs in the single biggest salmon, by weight in pounds, will win the prize for 'Lunker Salmon'.
  • First place, second place, and third place for trout category will pay out cash.
  • Lunker Salmon will pay cash prize.
  • 40% for 1st, 25% for 2nd, 15% for 3rd, and 20% for Lunker Salmon.
  • If 40 teams sign up then the pot will be $2000 and it will all be paid out according to the percentages listed above. 

If you have any questions then give us a call at (315) 216-6043 or send us a direct message on our Instagram or Facebook pages. 

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